Total Sonics: Delivering Enthralling Audio to TV Sets

As TVs become thinner and bezels disappear, speaker size and placement are compromised. The sound suffers from limited maximum volume, shrinking stereo image, and crippled low frequencies. dbx-tv’s Total Sonics suite combines several intelligent, innovative DSP audio enhancement technologies to address these challenges in a package that fits into most of today’s TV SoC ICs. Total Sonics is an affordable, efficient technology for TV makers to better match audio quality to today’s brilliant pictures. Total Sonics is an easy-to-configure software solution that requires no additional hardware.

Total Sonics guarantees the best possible sound quality from any TV, large or small.

Total Sonics is software-only DSP technology that runs in relatively limited-capacity DSP, such as that available in many TV SoC ICs.  Matched through Total Cal to an individual TV model, Total Sonics allows even tiny speakers to generate deeper bass than previously thought possible. Total Sonics corrects response and imaging anomalies caused by speaker size and placement, and the cosmetic constraints of cabinet design.  You and your customers will be amazed at the detailed, immersive sound that results.

Deep bass. Crisp highs. Natural sound.

Total Sonics makes all this possible, on any TV, without any new hardware, using the audio DSP already in your sets. Get bigger, better sound out of your TVs at minimal cost with Total Sonics from dbx-tv.

Total Sonics’ intelligent core technologies

dbx-tv dynamic equalization

  • Customized frequency response correction with dynamic level-dependent bass boost
  • Generates the maximum bass possible with any speaker without overload
  • Addresses errors caused by speaker size, placement, cabinet design
  • Delivers the sonic results you desire through tailored response targeting

dbx-tv 3D sound

  • Dynamic psycho-acoustic filters
  • Broadens and deepens acoustic image from two-speaker systems
  • Corrects for poor speaker placement
  • Won’t over-enhance already processed material

dbx-tv dynamic range controller

  • Sophisticated dynamics processor tailored to match the audio system
  • Optimizes sound within limited dynamic range systems
  • Eliminates speaker overload and amplifier clipping
  • Ensures dialog intelligibility on all program material