President Leslie Tyler Offers High-Quality Audio Strategies for TV Manufacturers

dbx-tv®, a leading provider of audio intellectual property to the television industry, today announced Leslie Tyler, President, will present “Using TV Audio to Enhance TV Viewing” to an audience of world-leading TV manufacturers at the 2011 DisplaySearch China FPD & HDTV Conference in Shenzhen, China.

At the conference, Tyler will address growing consumer demand for high-quality audio in the TV-viewing experience, and highlight strategies and solutions that address the challenges of contemporary TV design. Mr. Tyler will provide an overview of dbx-tv’s licensed audio product suite – Total Sonics™ for enhancing TV audio, Total Cal™ to automatically calibrate the Total Sonics package to match individual TV models, and Total Volume™ for automatic volume-control management.

“As TVs become thinner, and bezel real-estate disappears, speaker size shrinks and audio performance becomes compromised,” said Tyler, President, THAT Corporation (dbx-tv’s parent company). “With our audio enhancement algorithms embedded in their TV designs, manufacturers can compensate for small speaker size or acoustically compromised placement to ensure the listening experience measures up to the HD viewing experience.”

About dbx-tv®

dbx-tv is THAT Corporation’s signature suite of TV-audio intellectual property (IP), designed, marketed, and licensed to TV IC and equipment makers throughout the world. dbx-tv began in the early 1980s as the critical noise-reduction system included in North America’s analog-TV audio standard (BTSC). Today, with over half a billion implementations throughout the world, dbx-tv provides digital signal processing (DSP) technology to decode all the world’s legacy TV standards, including NICAM, A2, EIAJ, and BTSC. dbx-tv legacy decoding technology is licensed primarily to IC makers, including several of the world’s largest. dbx-tv is headquartered just outside Boston, with offices in Atlanta, Shanghai, and Toyko.

About THAT Corporation

THAT Corporation is one of the world’s major audio-technology providers. Founded in 1989 as a spin-off of dbx, Inc., THAT Corporation designs and licenses the dbx-tv line of intellectual property for TV-audio applications and designs and manufactures high-performance analog integrated circuits for professional audio manufacturers. The company is headquartered just outside Boston and has a fabrication facility in Silicon Valley. Visit for more information.

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